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About this blog

For my own professional purposes I have long made a practice of tracking the views of professional investors whose opinions  or exceptional achievements I have come to respect during 30 years of following the financial markets. In my experience monitoring and analysing the views of the best professionals is more helpful in forming an effective investment strategy than analysing unreliable economic data or systematically imprecise analyst forecasts, helpful though those can be at certain times.

Realising that this practice could also be of value to others inspired me to start this blog. The same approach underpins the books I have published and my regular interviews with top market practitioners, some of which are available as podcasts on the Independent Investor website. In this blog I post short comments on interesting pieces of news, commentary or research that have caught my eye as part of my normal professional routine. They are the digitial equivalent of the notebooks I have been keeping in hard copy form for many years.

My aim is to pick out items that I judge may have more than transitory interest or significance.  Most investors in my experience need a filter to bring the mass of material that is available these days down to manageable proportions. I welcome comments from readers, although I am not unfortunately in a position to reply to them all.  These are fascinating times in the markets – times of great opportunity as well as considerable danger, especially in Europe. I hope that you will find these “notes and quotes” helpful in steeering a profitable course through tricky times.

Written by Jonathan Davis

August 23, 2010 at 10:55 AM