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Repeating “the principles of investment success”

Following two successful outings I am repeating the third instalment of my two-hour seminar on the basic secrets of investment success at 9.30 am on Thursday September 25th 2014, at the highly convenient Conde Nast Fashion Institute in Soho in central London. More details can be found by following link. The seminar is organised by the How to Academy, the latest brainchild of tireless entrepreneur John Gordon, and is slated to last for two hours. The seminar falls into two parts: in the first hour I outline what I call the ten key principles needed to become a successful investor, drawing both on 30 years of  personal experience in the financial markets and my research into the methods of the greatest investors, from Warren Buffett downwards. In the second hour I take questions from the audience on any topic, including the current market outlook,  and attempt to show how anyone can now use the Internet to find almost all the information they need to make judgments about shares, bonds, funds, investment trusts, gold and anything else that catches their imagination. The seminar assumes little prior knowledge. I believe strongly that understanding a few simple principles – rather than trying to fathom detailed product information from scratch – is what most investors need to make the most effective  use of their money.


Written by Jonathan Davis

April 7, 2014 at 4:29 PM